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Why Was My Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

Workers Compensation Claim

Injuries on the job are an unfortunate occurrence. Workplace accidents can cause serious and long-term damage to the injured employee. Injured employees are entitled to benefits under the law to assist them if they are a victim of a workplace accident. To receive these benefits, a workers’ compensation claim must be filed. If you were seriously injured while on the job, filed a claim, and were denied workers’ compensation benefits, you likely have the right to appeal your claim. A Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney can evaluate your claim and help you take action. Claims are denied for many reasons but that does not mean the decisions was just or fair. We will help you appeal your claim so you can get the benefits you rightly deserve.

Reasons Your Claim May Have Been Denied

The insurance company must provide justification for denying your claim along with facts to support the reason why the claim was denied. However, the explanation provided may not be very clear or straightforward. No matter the justification, hire an attorney to appeal your claim so you can receive the benefits you are entitled to. Some of the reasons workers’ compensation claims may be denied include:

  • A preexisting condition, not the work injury, is the cause of the worker’s condition.
    • For example, a carpal tunnel syndrome claim is denied because it was allegedly caused by your outside activities rather than any work activities.
  • The injury occurred outside the workplace rather than at work.
  • The injured worker does not meet the definition of “employee” under workers’ compensation law.
  • The employee failed to notify the employer of his injury within the allotted timeframe.
    • Deadlines are very important and failing to meet a deadline could bar you from ever recovering for your claim.
  • The injured party is not covered under law because he is an independent contractor.
  • The injury is due to an incident that occurred after the alleged work accident.
    • For example, you are involved in a car accident after your work injury and the insurer claims the car accident is the actual cause for your injuries, not the work incident.
  • The work injury did not happen while acting in the scope of your employment.
  • The injuries are not severe enough to qualify for compensation.
  • The employee’s intoxication caused the injury.
  • The injured employee failed to provide proper medical documentation to support the claim.

Contact a Qualified Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Dealing with a denied workers’ compensation claim can be difficult and very time consuming. Hire an experienced attorney to fight on your behalf. Gunther Law Office has the experience and dedication to handle denied compensation appeals. A qualified Minneapolis workers compensation lawyer will thoroughly review your case and provide guidance on how best to proceed. We are able to handle all aspects of your claim including litigation. The sooner you hire an attorney, the quicker you can recover. Let us fight for you so you can focus on what is important, your family and health.


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