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Minneapolis Premises Liability Lawyer

Handling premises liability claims against property owners in the Twin Cities.

With ownership of private or commercial property comes the responsibility to maintain a safe environment for others. For example, business owners are legally obligated to ensure that their building, storefront walkway, or piece of land is free of hazards. If there is a potential hazard, they must warn visitors of the danger. When this obligation is not met, innocent people can be seriously injured—and their right to receive financial compensation must be protected. This area of law is called “premises liability,” and TC Injury Law has helped many victims of unsafe property-related accidents in Minnesota contact our trusted Minneapolis premises liability lawyers today.

What exactly is premises liability?

Premises liability begins with the duty of a property owner, manager, or supervisor to prevent people from being injured while on that property. The extent of the owner’s duty depends on whether the property is public property or private property and upon the visitor’s purpose for entering the property. Owners of public property generally have a greater duty to their visitors than owners of private property, and people visiting a property for business purposes typically have more protection than people making social calls. However, even a trespasser is entitled to a certain amount of protection from injury.

What types of accidents and injuries are considered premises liability claims?

A wide variety of accidents and injuries can fall under the umbrella of premises liability, including:

  • Slip and fall injuries – Slip and fall injuries are the most common type of premises liability claims and may be caused by conditions ranging from spilled liquid to cracked pavement or an icy sidewalk.
  • Equipment failures – Injuries caused by the failure of various devices or equipment, such as escalators and elevators, are premises liability claims.
  • Dog Bites & Swimming Pool Accidents – These are two types of injuries for which a residential property owner may be found liable.
  • Negligent Security – These claims involve injuries resulting from crimes, such as robbery or assault, which could have been prevented with adequate security.

When can I hold a property owner or manager liable for my injury?

The essential elements of a premises liability claim include:

  • The property owner or manager owes a duty to visitors to take reasonable precautions to prevent foreseeable accidents. That duty can include monitoring the property for dangerous conditions, warning visitors of an existing danger, and eliminating the hazard by repairing or removing it.
  • That duty is breached, i.e., the property owner or manager fails to reasonably prevent an accident.
  • A reasonably foreseeable accident occurs.
  • The accident causes an injury.

The classic—and most frequently occurring—example of this formula is a slip and fall accident. It is reasonably foreseeable that liquid will spill onto the floor of a grocery store or restaurant. It is also reasonably foreseeable that such a spill can create a slippery floor surface and cause an unsuspecting visitor to slip and fall. And because it is reasonably foreseeable that slipping and falling on a hard surface can cause an injury, such business establishments have a duty to continually monitor their premises for spilled liquid. When there is a spill, they must warn visitors and then completely clean up the spill in a timely manner. When they fail in this duty, they become liable for the injuries they cause.

When should I talk to a premises liability lawyer?

If you have been injured outside your home and believe your injury could have been avoided if the property owner or manager had taken adequate preventive steps, it’s time to talk to an experienced Minneapolis premises liability lawyer. In Minnesota, call TC Injury Law —one of our lawyers is ready to talk to you. The initial consultation is free, and there is no fee unless we win.

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