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Minneapolis Truck Accident Lawyer

Holding Twin Cities truck drivers and truck companies accountable for accidents.

Truck accidents are not simply big car accidents. Semi-trucks kill and seriously injure people when they are involved in collisions. On the news and firsthand, we have seen truck accidents in Minnesota result in all types of catastrophic injuries up to and including paralysis and fatalities. Plus, truck accident cases implicate numerous regulations that govern the trucking industry and typically involve several potentially liable parties, including the driver, his or her employer, manufacturers, and insurance companies. Thus, truck accident claims are complex any way you look at them. Let’s break down some issues right now and contact our Minneapolis truck accident lawyers at any time for more information.

How are truck accidents different from other motor vehicle accidents?

There are generally two fundamental differences between accidents involving large trucks or commercial vehicles and accidents involving only passenger automobiles. First, truck accidents tend to have far more catastrophic results due simply to the increased force of impact created when an 80,000-pound truck—as opposed to a 3,000-pound car—collides with another vehicle.

Second, truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to an entirely separate set of state and federal safety regulations, which they have a mandatory duty to comply with at all times. Truck drivers, as well as trucking companies, are often found negligent for failing to meet these requirements, such as by driving while fatigued, failing to conduct ongoing vehicle inspections, and improperly loading cargo.

I was hurt in a truck accident in the Twin Cities. Who is liable for my injuries?

In most truck accident cases, injury victims can seek compensation from the driver of the truck, the trucking company for whom the truck driver was working at the time of the accident, and perhaps the truck’s manufacturer if you can show some defect in the truck caused or contributed to the accident. Others—such as truck mechanics or a truck repair shop—may be responsible if the accident was due to poor truck maintenance or a faulty repair.

The truck driver’s insurance company has made me an offer. Should I take it?

The truck driver’s insurance company is generally the trucking company’s insurance company, whose goal is to get you to accept a quick—but completely inadequate—settlement. They will take advantage of your vulnerability as a victim after the collision at a time when you have no way of knowing the true extent of your damages and losses. Hiring an accomplished truck accident lawyer immediately after the incident will ensure a larger settlement because you will get a full investigation made into the causes of the accident (with the help of court orders if necessary) and because the insurance companies will take your case more seriously when you have a lawyer.

I’m worried hiring a lawyer will make things even more complicated. And what about the expense?

Your initial consultation appointment with TC Injury Law is absolutely free. If we are then able to take your case, our representation will not cost you anything until we collect compensation on your behalf. You will never pay legal fees or related costs out of pocket prior to the resolution of your case. As far as making things more complicated, we can assure you that working with a Minneapolis truck accident lawyer after your wreck will make your life much easier—you will not have to worry about talking to insurance adjusters, filing paperwork, or meeting deadlines. We’ll even come to see you at your convenience. Just give us a call, and then focus on your recovery.

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