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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Auto Accident Lawyer

Why Is Vicarious Liability Important In Minnesota?

By Gunther Law Office |

Nationwide, over one driver in ten has no auto insurance. Moreover, the Gopher State has one of the lowest auto insurance minimum requirements in the country. So, thousands of other drivers are dangerously underinsured. If either uninsured or underinsured drivers cause car accidents, these victims often have a hard time obtaining fair compensation. Fortunately,… Read More »

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Common Motorcycle Crash Issues In Minneapolis

By Gunther Law Office |

Statistically, motorcycle riders are twenty-nine times more likely to die in crashes than vehicle occupants. Even if the rider survives, these incidents often cause permanent injury. As a result, motorcycle crash victims are often entitled to substantial compensation. However, this compensation is not easy to obtain. A combination of legal obstacles and juror prejudice… Read More »

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Worker Compensation Lawyer

Number And Value Of Minneapolis Workers’ Compensation Claims Plummets

By Gunther Law Office |

Over the last twenty years, the number of paid workers’ compensation claims has dropped 54 percent. Furthermore, when compared with wage growth, the average amount of claims declined 40 percent over that same time period. At the same time, workers’ compensation insurance premiums have declined by over 50 percent. These Minnesota statistics are part… Read More »

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