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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer

The Perils Of Pedestrian Accidents In Minnesota

By Gunther Law Office |

In 2016, and improving economy put more cars on the road. At the same time, more people walked to their destinations, for various reasons. This combination helped drive pedestrian fatalities to their highest level in twenty years. In other words, it is very dangerous to cross the street even if you stop and look… Read More »

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Concussion And TBI Diagnosis Set To Improve In Minneapolis

By Gunther Law Office |

In a development that’s very good news for the thousands of new traumatic brain injury cases which occur in Minnesota every year, the Food and Drug Administration approved a product that should streamline the diagnosis process and make it much more accurate to boot. Currently, most hospitals use a two-step diagnostic approach. After a… Read More »

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Work Safety Lawyer

Three Top Occupational Diseases In Minnesota

By Gunther Law Office |

An occupational disease is any condition that occurs over the course of more than one work shift. These workers’ compensation cases are often just as serious as falls and other trauma injuries, and much more complex. The same time deadlines apply in both kinds of cases. However, most people do not immediately think “work… Read More »

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