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Were You Injured by a Negligent Business Owner?

Negligent Business Owner Attorney

When a person enters a business establishment, the owner owes each customer a duty to make sure they are safe from danger while on their property. This duty applies to businesses such as restaurants, department stores and grocery stores. Were you injured during a slip and fall while visiting a business? Do you think the owner failed to ensure you were safe while on their property? Premises liability law holds a property owner liable for injuries incurred by others while on their property. If you were injured while on a commercial property because of the owner’s negligence, you are entitled to damages. Seek the assistance of a skilled Minneapolis premises liability attorney to receive full compensation for your unsafe property accident.

What Duty of Care Must the Business Owner Provide to a Customer?

The type of duty a property, land or business owner owes depends on whether the property is public or private and the purpose of the visitor’s entrance onto the property. Business owners owe the highest duty of care to visitors and must take every reasonable precaution to ensure their safety. A visitor who enters a commercial establishment to participate in a business transaction is considered an entrant. An entrant may enter a business with the express or implied invitation of the owner. Dining at a restaurant is an example of an implied invitation. The visitor is at the restaurant for the purposes of purchasing food and drinks. A person does not need to be invited in because the invitation is implied, the restaurant is open to serve food and drinks for purchase. A restaurant patron must enter the premises for the sole purpose of dining and drinking. If the customer engages in activities outside of this scope, he or she is not owed the duty of care of an entrant. 

What Standard of Care Does a Premise Owner Owe an Entrant?

Entrants are owed the highest standard of care to ensure they are safe from dangers on the property. The property owner owes an entrant the following duties:

  • A duty to use reasonable and ordinary care to maintain the premises.
  • A duty to continually inspect and repair dangerous conditions on the premises.
  • A duty to warn visitors of existing hazards on the premises.

If a patron suffers an injury because the property owner fails to meet these duties, the property owner can be held liable.

Contact an Attorney If You Were Injured by a Negligent Business Owner

Contact Gunther Law Office today if you were injured by a negligent business owner. Our skilled Minneapolis premises liability attorneys will make sure you are fully compensated for any harm you sustained from a property owner who failed to prevent your injury. Winning a negligence action requires a knowledgeable attorney who will vigorously advocate for your rights. You were a victim of a foreseeable property accident that could have been avoided if the owner upheld the necessary standard of care. Our attorneys will fight relentlessly against these owners so you can get the damages you deserve.

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