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Tips for Avoiding an Accident While Riding Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Riding a motorcycle induces a sense of thrill for most people. The blood pumping through their veins causes an adrenaline rush that motorcyclists live for. But, that moment of freedom should not overshadow the dangers of riding a motorcycle. Riders need to be prepared and cautious. Unfortunately, even the most careful rider may encounter a life shattering accident. If you are the victim of an accident while riding your bike, our motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help. It is very difficult for motorcyclists to recover the full damages they deserve after an accident with a motor vehicle. Let our experienced Minneapolis attorneys defend you and recover the full compensation you deserve.

The Inherent Danger of Motorcycles

Motorcycle accidents are dangerous because of the simple fact that riding a motorcycling does not afford you the same protection and coverage as those riding in a motor vehicle. This means even low speed accidents can cause severe and even deadly results. Often, bikers lose control and collide because of the poor driving habits of automobile drivers. These drivers often come out of the accident unharmed while the motorcyclist suffers greatly. It is in your best interest to do your best to prepare and avoid accidents because of the possible horrendous consequences.

Tips to Help Keep You Safe While Riding

  • Take a motorcycle safety course.
    • All skill levels can benefit from a safety course. Motorcycle safety classes are available for beginner and advanced riders across the country.
  • Ride as if no one can see you.
    • Be aware of the vehicles around you. Most drivers have difficulty noticing motorcycles on the road because they are not paying attention or because of a blind spot. Give cars space when they are merging into your lane. Ride in front or behind of a car to avoid possible blind spots. Assume a driver cannot see you when they are backing up. Let the vehicle finish and then proceed on your way.
  • Pay attention to the wheels of other automobiles.
    • Looking at the angle of a vehicle’s wheels will indicate which direction they are going next. Knowing this can help you see if a driver is trying to change lanes at an intersection or if the vehicle is turning left on top of you. Give a turning vehicle plenty of room to turn to avoid being hit. Sudden braking or lane changing by an automobile driver are also the cause of many accidents.
  • Watch out for obstructions on the road.
    • Many accidents are caused by road and driving conditions such as rocks, debris, puddles of water or oil and potholes. These obstructions have a far greater effect on motorcyclists than cars.
  • Check your mirrors often.
    • Be aware of what is happening behind you by checking your mirrors. Seeing what is happening behind you can help you from being startled by a speeding car that is approaching you too quickly.
  • Keep your hands over your brakes when stopping.
    • Be prepared to brake quickly when approaching a stop. To decrease your response time, position your hands over both the front and rear brakes as you stop.
  • Avoid being hit at stop lights.
    • Create a buffer between you and oncoming traffic by pulling in front of the car in front of you. This will help you from being rear ended because many cars overlook motorcycles stopped at a light.

If a Negligent Car Driver Hits You, Contact Us Today

Following these tips can help save your life when riding your motorcycle. These are just some of the precautions you should take. It is important to always wear protective motorcycle gear and maintain your motorcycle. Even the most cautious biker can still fall victim to an unfortunate crash caused by a motor vehicle. If you are injured while riding contact a Minneapolis personal injury attorney at the Gunther Law Office to defend you. We can help you recover damages for your injuries from negligent car drivers. Always ride safely but we are here to protect your rights in case the worse happens.

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