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Motorcycle Accident

Three Things That Make Motorcycle Crashes Unique

By Gunther Law Office |

Even for highly experienced riders, motorcycles are difficult to control. Seemingly insignificant issues, like a pothole or some road debris, are often enough to cause a loss of control. But that’s only one reason that motorcycle riders take enormous risks, as outlined below. If a Minnesota rider sustains a serious injury, the damages available… Read More »

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Common Motorcycle Crash Issues In Minneapolis

By Gunther Law Office |

Statistically, motorcycle riders are twenty-nine times more likely to die in crashes than vehicle occupants. Even if the rider survives, these incidents often cause permanent injury. As a result, motorcycle crash victims are often entitled to substantial compensation. However, this compensation is not easy to obtain. A combination of legal obstacles and juror prejudice… Read More »

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