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Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Attorney

An accident with a commercial truck can prove deadly. Commercial trucks are massive in comparison to passenger vehicles. The sheer size and weight of a commercial truck increases the consequences of a collision. A commercial truck collision can lead to substantial harm, pain, and damages. Our Minneapolis truck accident lawyers can help you recover from a commercial truck accident. Truck accident claims usually include several potentially liable parties including the driver, his employer, insurance company, and vehicle manufacturer. The types of damages you can recover are covered under Minnesota law. These complicated accident claims should be handled by an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Avoiding Commercial Truck Collisions

Passenger vehicles have to share the road with commercial trucks. Vehicle drivers can help prevent accidents with commercial drivers by being alert and focused drivers. Commercial drivers are often fatigued and straining to meet deadlines. Impaired and distracted drivers are more likely to lose control of their vehicle. Dangerous truck drivers and neglected vehicles can lead to accidents that effect and harm others. To help prevent accidents, passenger drivers should consider the following when driving alongside commercial trucks:

  • Blind Spot
    • Driving in the blind spot of a commercial truck is very dangerous. The truck driver likely has no or little visibility if you are in their blind spot. Large blind spots do not allow the truck driver to see surrounding vehicles. It is unsafe to drive too closely to any vehicle but commercial trucks require even more space to operate. Maintain a safe distance from commercial trucks to avoid accidents. Do not drive immediately behind or beside commercial trucks.
  • Unsafe Passing
    • Do not pass a commercial truck without sufficient space. It may be difficult to determine how much space you have when trying to pass a commercial truck. Avoid passing on curves or hills and ensure you have ample room to safely pass a commercial truck.
  • Lack of Sufficient Training
    • Commercial drivers may lack proper training to manage a commercial truck. Inadequate training leads to safety concerns because the driver lacks proper technique and defensive driving skills. Be aware that not all truck drivers are cautious drivers. Make sure you are alert and aware of the vehicles around you.

Discuss Your Truck Accident Claim During a Free Consultation

Determining who is responsible for your injuries caused by a truck accident can be difficult. Gunther Law Office is here to help you recover from all liable parties. We know you have already experienced so much because of your tragic event and our caring lawyers want to take some of the weight off your shoulders. Meet with a Minneapolis truck driver accident attorney to discuss your claim. You never pay any legal fees or costs until your case is resolved. We will fully investigate your accident and fight vigilantly to get you the damages you deserve. Do not let the at fault party get away with the pain and suffering they have caused you.


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